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Who are we?

Knowing by whom, how and where your bags are made changes everything!



design, manufacture, production, communication, sale etc.

Born in the Philippines in 86, I was adopted in Belgium at the age of six months. 

After studying philosophy and after a stint in teaching, I become a full-time musician and dedicate myself on the one hand to concerts and European tours of my project, and on the other hand to the promotion of other musical projects. who are close to my heart as press officer and tour organizer. 


During this time, questions constantly arise concerning the place of ethics in the process of manufacturing clothing and fashion accessories, animal exploitation, the relocation of know-how to Belgium, as well as my desire to create and manufacture aesthetic and timeless accessories. 


In March 2020, the arrival of the coronavirus abruptly put an end to concerts and tours, which then prompted me to change direction. 

Wishing to remain creative, I began to design the first prototypes of bags and launched a crowdfunding. From this seed was born Lubay, a brand of bags, based on veganism, ethics and eco-responsibility. 


Certified craftswoman since the end of 2021, in June 2022 I have the honor of receiving the jury's favorite prize for the national contest Vitrine de l'Artisan 2022.

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The rest of the adventure is being written right now, Soho.

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