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Knowing by whom, how and where your bags are made changes everything!

Soho Francotte Lubay avril 2024 1.jpg


Soho Francotte:

design, manufacture, production, communication, sales, etc.

Born in the Philippines in 1986 and adopted in Belgium, every step of my journey, every encounter, and every discovery has given me the desire and determination to achieve what I believe in.

After studying philosophy and gaining experience in teaching, I blossomed as a musician, sharing my passion on stage and touring throughout Europe. I also contributed to other musical projects by supporting press relations and tour organization.

Sensitized to ethical and environmental issues in the fashion industry, I was challenged by animal exploitation, the relocation of know-how, and the lack of sustainable and aesthetic alternatives. In 2020, the covid pandemic arrived and turned the world and the music industry upside down, pushing me to explore new creative horizons.

That's how Lubay was born, a plant-based leather goods brand founded on the values I hold dear: veganism, ethics, and eco-consciousness. Driven by my desire to create refined and timeless accessories, I started designing bag prototypes and then launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Since the end of 2021, I have been a certified craftswoman and I had the honor of receiving the jury's favorite award at the 2022 Vitrine de l'Artisan national competition.

Each Lubay bag is a unique piece. Inspired by organic shapes and melodious rhythms, I strive for harmony of colours and fluidity of curves to create bags that evoke an emotion, a story, a memory.

My goal is to offer each woman a bag that enhances her beauty and accompanies her in her exploration of the world with style, authenticity, and elegance.

Lubay, more than just a brand, an invitation to ethical and timeless beauty.

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The rest of the adventure is being written right now, Soho.

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