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Creating refined, elegant, and eco-conscious bags is Lubay's raison d'être.

Our thoughtfully designed and timeless bags are imagined and manufactured in Belgium using sustainable and innovative materials, free from any animal-derived components.

Lubay is committed to creating a fashion where durability and ethics coexist with elegance because we believe that beauty and responsibility can go hand in hand.

Subtle and timeless design with exquisite craftsmanship:

Born from the imagination of a Belgian-Filipina designer and artist, our bags are conceptualised, designed, and made in our studio-atelier located in southern Belgium. The fluidity of curves, the harmony of colors, and the pursuit of timeless beauty are at the core of our creative process.

Our inspiration comes from organic forms and melodious rhythms, from which we create bags that evoke an emotion, a story, a memory. Our goal is to offer each woman a bag that enhances her beauty and accompanies her on her journey through the world, with style, authenticity, and elegance.

Aesthetics serving ethics

At Lubay, we believe that beauty and responsibility go hand in hand. This is why we are committed to creating fashion that is elegant and respectful of the environment, humans, and animals.

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An alternative to Fast Fashion

No overproduction, no seasonal collections, no sales: Lubay opposes the frenzy of fast fashion and offers a conscious and ethical alternative.

Elegant and functional bags

Designed to last, our bags are made from strong and durable materials (Grape Skin or cork). More than just an accessory, they become a true companion for life.

Eco-conscious pieces

Concerned about offering ever more virtuous pieces, we are constantly exploring the sector of innovative eco-responsible materials, alternatives to animal leather and made in Europe.


Discover our world and join us in creating a more responsible and humane fashion.

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