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More than obvious, it immediately seemed necessary and fundamental to us that our creations do not contain any product of animal origin.


Not using leather is a way of fighting against animal exploitation and suffering on the one hand and against the environmental, human and social issues associated with conventional tanning on the other.

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The cork we use is harvested and processed responsibly in Portugal. No cork oak is felled or damaged during the delicate stripping stage: the first bark of the cork oak is removed, and the tree is left to regenerate quietly for nine years before the next harvest.

This naturally resistant and waterproof material does not contain polyurethane and is mounted on a canvas made of recycled cotton and polyester.

It is certified PETA - VEGAN APPROVED.


It is a material made in northern Italy from waste from wine production.


1) Recovery of waste: skin, pips, residues. 


2) Crush waste and mix with grapeseed oil and water-based polyurethane*** to form a thick paste.


3) Application of a vegetable dye in the paste which will then be spread on a recycled polyester canvas and compressed with a roller to become a flexible and grained material reminiscent of leather.


​The VEGEA® is made of 55% grape pomace and 45% water-based PU*** and is mounted on a recycled polyester fabric and is REACH, GRS and PETA - VEGAN APPROVED.


The fabrics used for the linings are all made in Europe, 100% cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified.


We use products of the brand Kroko® for several reasons:


  • They are made in Belgium in their factory located in Kortrijk

  • Their strength: very resistant, they are used in particular in the industry of work clothes and shoes in equipment for the emergency and military services.

  • Their products meet the most stringent standards, such as DIN, BS, NFG, OEKO-TEX® and others.

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