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The Grape Skin toiletry bag is a unique, functional and elegant piece. Its aesthetic and unisex design makes it an ideal accessory for all travelers.


Why loving it:

- Practical size: it will easily find its place in your suitcase.

- Elegant and unique design: it will add a touch of originality to your bathroom.

- Generous capacity: it can accommodate all your toiletries.

- Two small elasticated patch pockets: to store your small items.

- Durable, waterproof lining: to protect your belongings from any accidental leaks.

- Made in Belgium.



Length: 27cm

Height: 13cm

Bottom depth: 8 cm



Exterior: 100% Grape Skin

Interior: Waterproof oeko-tex PUL fabric

Toiletry Bag - Grape Skin - Forest Green

Only 1 left in stock
  • VEGEA has succeeded in giving waste a second life with Grape Skin.

    This innovative material, made from the remains of grapes from Italian winemaking, is gaining popularity thanks to its unique properties:

    • Elegant and refined: With its soft texture and subtle tones, Grape Skin offers a modern and sophisticated look.
    • Timeless: More than a slogan, a proven reality! And above all, tested in practice: I have been wearing Grape Skin sneakers every day for over a year and they are still in perfect condition!
    • Easy to clean: A simple soft, damp cloth is enough to keep the material spotless.
    • Water resistant and can be waterproofed.
    • Value creation from waste: Grape residues, which are normally thrown away, are transformed into a valuable raw material.
    • Ecological process: The production process consumes little energy and water and generates no toxic waste.
    • Circular and responsible: Grape Skin is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified and meets the strictest standards in terms of recycling and environmental awareness.

    The production:

    1. Collection of waste: Skins, seeds, residues.
    2. Grinding the waste and mixing it with grapeseed oil and water-based polyurethane to obtain a thick paste. Water-based polyurethane is a more ecological alternative to traditional polyurethane. It has the following advantages:
    • Reduced energy and water consumption: The water-based polyurethane manufacturing process requires less energy and water than traditional polyurethane, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint.
    • Fewer harmful substances: The solvents used in water-based polyurethane are less toxic than those found in traditional polyurethane, offering better protection for health and the environment.
    • Better for workers: Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are also reduced with water-based polyurethane, improving working conditions in manufacturing plants.

      3. Addition of vegetable dye to the paste which is then spread on a recycled polyester fabric and compressed with a roller to form a soft, grainy material reminiscent of leather.

    VEGEA® is composed of 55% grape marc and 45% water-based PU and is mounted on a recycled polyester fabric. It is certified by REACH, GRS and PETA - VEGAN APPROVED.

  • Our supplier, the manufacturer of the raw material Grape Skin - VEGEA® advises to apply a veil of eco waterproofing without oil or grease, once a year in order to protect it from stains.

    In the event of a stain, maintenance is very simple: use a soft cloth soaked in water, wring it out well and then pass it gently over the stained surface and then dab with a soft dry cloth if necessary. And There you go!

    Can only be cleaned with water and mild natural PH neutral soap if needed. Never use bleach, alcohol or an abrasive sponge. Never bleach, dry clean, iron, machine clean, tumble dry, on a heater or in direct sunlight. Always leave to dry in a dry place, in the open air and away from direct sunlight.

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